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Two police detectives Numata and Tosaka infiltrate a group of underground black market human organ dealers. Things go haywire during a raid on the group's surgical headquarters. Numata barely escapes, while a wounded Tosaka gets left behind. Through a series of surreal and gory events, the identities of the organ dealers are revealed as Numata plans his revenge.
I&#39;m astonished at some of the bad-reviews of this film–ignore them. If you love extreme cinema that explores the basis of the human-animal, you have found a home in the cinematic space-time continuum. Ostensibly, this is a Yakuza and detective film, with elements of film-noir and expressionism. It is not a purely genre film at-all, but an art-film with incredible complexity about what it is to be human. Fujiwara is best-known for her role in Tsukamoto Shinya&#39;s &quot;Tetsuo: the Iron Man&quot;, and her relationship to his work shows here. The human-body is the battlefield, as well as the human-soul. Maybe it took an inspired woman to say this, and a Buddhist at-that. And in many-ways, this feels like a tale by Edgar Allan Poe! It has that feel to it, a very visceral, filth-covered psychology–what much real horror is. In-fact, I&#39;d say it is on-par with Poe and his Japanese-analogue, &quot;Edogawa Rampo&quot; (a pen-name). This is a film I have watched several-times, and it always delivers a new-revelation. One-viewing is not enough to begin to understand it. If it is ugly, it is because life has ugliness. If it has beauty (it does), it is because life does.<br/><br/>There are roughly two narrative-paths in the film: first, the story of the outsider detective searching for his &quot;dead&quot; partner after their uncovering of a horrific black-market organ-smuggling ring run by Yakuza, and secondly, the story of the insiders of the ring, a brother-and-sister. The detective&#39;s-half reminded me strongly of Kurosawa&#39;s &quot;Stray Dog&quot; (aka &quot;Nora Inu&quot;, 1949), and is probably a conscious-nod by Fujiwara. The brother has reanimated the lost-cop and is doing hellish experiments on him, while the sister–Yoko–runs the gang and fends-off the outside world. It&#39;s an interesting structure, which makes the film watchable numerous times, but the philosophical-themes of birth-and-death are even more rewarding. Yes, it is extremely low-budget, and shot in 16mm, but it is a well-executed film by a genuine maverick.<br/><br/>At the film&#39;s philosophical-center is the relationship with the surgeon-brother in the organ-ring, and the reanimated-cop. As grotesque as the half-dead cop appears, he is more human than the internally-diseased brother. In-fact, he is metaphor for the surgeon&#39;s remnants of humanity; Fujiwara makes it clear that the brother and sister were horribly-abused, the origin of their spiritual-decay and sadism. The reanimated-cop is hidden-away by the surgeon in a secret room, and they have an &quot;internal-dialog.&quot; The other-half of the narrative is also very powerful, with the outsider detective&#39;s obsession with finding his partner taking a horrible-toll on his family. It seems that being a cop hasn&#39;t done him or his home any good–even before the body-snatching incident. Fujiwara paints life as-such: birth, mutilation at the hands of others, and finally, death. Sadly, this is the fate that awaits many human-beings in this inhuman era we inhabit. Out of this, one could surmise that Mrs. Fujiwara has a strong-ambivalence to motherhood. What is puzzling is why many women do not. This film is a contemporary-masterpiece. &quot;Organ 2&quot; has been completed, so expect more-of-the-same!<br/><br/>01.21.06 PS: It&#39;s hilarious how people don&#39;t get this incredible-film, but I believe it is still ahead-of-the-pack. American-audiences are used to a more linear-narrative structure, whereas audiences in Japan and Europe understand a film that is primarily thematic.
I recently bought this film on DVD. If you are into cult films, this is a great one for your collection! From the director of Tetsuo, The Iron Man, comes another series of disturbing, yet captivating images. This guy reminds me of a Japanese David Lynch, and Organ fits in quite nicely with the likes of Eraserhead.

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